• Define target audience
  • Connect with audience
  • Send notifications
  • Engage audience
  • Forward to Your website

Get your product to 500 million people in 5 seconds

Brandcast is a high-end mobile marketing tool utilizing the cutting edge in cellular intelligence. It is capable of sending out a notification message to a panel of 500,000,000 Chinese mobile users or specific groups within the panel. That’s 7% of the world population discovering your product in a matter of seconds! BrandCast is the ultimate Market Optimization strategy. Our customers can reach out to their desired target consumers and instantly have them receive a message notification complete with a link to the client’s website.

Consumer View

ConsumerView brings Chinese consumers together to gather deep insights into various segments of consumer’s across China.


ChinaPulse™ collects valuable insights from a sample source of 150,000 online Chinese Consumers

WeChat Marketing

WeChat is the fastest growing app in China with currently over 600 million users. WeChatMarketing is a must for brands in China.