Using China’s most popular social media platforms

No Facebook, No Youtube, No Twitter, No Google.

Welcome to WeChat, Youku, Weibo, Baidu and many other platforms that make up the Chinese social media universe. Its different, yet China’s social media market is considered the largest in the world with over 800 million netizens. To foreign brands coming into China, adapting to this new online world can be intimidating, but despite the different names and the different language, social media in China works a lot like the social media we are used to. Engaging with Chinese consumer employs the same strategies that we observe in the west. Making buzz headlines and memorable advertisements are, like back home, a winning strategy in China for social media marketing.


A Revolutionary app

WeChat is the most popular social media platform in China with over 600 million monthly active users. Chinese and expats living in China all use and rely on WeChat heavily not only for communicating, but also for easy payments of utility bills and transfers to businesses and individuals. WeChat is truly a revolutionary app and a must-have for brands in China. Our WeChat Marketing services include WeChat official account setup, WeChat online store, and Wechat creative content writing, key opinion leaders advertising and event broadcasting.


Facebook & Twitter combined

Weibo is a mix between facebook and twitter and is another crucial social media source for any large brand making its way into China. Weibo is used by about 30% of China’s Netizens and over 100 million public messages and updates are shared everyday on the platform. Weibo uses very similar features to Twitter, including a 140 character limit on posts as well as hashtag functions. Brandasia offers official account setup and social media management.


China’s Google

Baidu is the Google and Wikipedia of China. An essential marketing tool to all brands selling to Chinese consumers. Baidu Baika is the Wikipedia side to Baidu, where companies fill in their profile for brand reference. Chinese consumers will often look up unfamiliar brands on this platform to see what country the brand comes from. We can set up your company’s Baidu Baika page as well as optimize your website or Baidu SEO so that your page ends up on the first page of the Chinese giant search engine.

WeChat Official Account & Account Types


A WeChat official account is a powerful marketing tool used by companies, brands and celebrities in order to be followed and interact with the greater Chinese public via WeChat. Functions include advertising, e-commerce, payment, special membership, survey taking, follower analytics, and much more. However, to register for a WeChat official account, a business entity is required in China as well as a Chinese Identification to designated an administrator for the account. As part of our services, we offer a whole and comprehensive WeChat official account setup with coded functions and a maintenance package on your request.

There are 2 types of WeChat official accounts: Service & Subscription accounts. Service accounts are for enterprises who want to access the more advanced functions of WeChat which include a WeChat online store as well as payment processing, customization of page and menus, and customer service. A service account can broadcast 4 messages per month to followers. Subscription account are available to enterprises and individuals are are mainly used to push content. A subscription account is allowed to broadcast 1 message per day to followers. It is the only official account option available to individuals, but lacks the business functions of a service account.