Research & Branding in China

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Understanding your Chinese target consumers

One of the biggest mistakes newcomers (large and small) make when entering the Chinese market is to not adapt their branding & advertising to the Chinese consumer’s mindset. Through our Consumer Understanding service, we help brands position their product in accordance with the needs and preferences of the modern-day Chinese buyers. From colors and names, to overall brand strengths, we get to the bottom line when it comes to what catches on in China and what is marginalized.
Our intensive and thorough China Market Research service is comprised of two research protocols, (Consumerview & Chinapulse) to ensure our findings are unbiased and supported by both qualitative and quantitative data. The data obtained from each protocol is cross-analyzed for significant trends in consumer preferences and sentiments towards a specific product.


Consumer View brings Chinese consumers together to gather deep insights into various segments of consumer’s across China. An understanding of sentiments, engagement, current trends and opinions toward products and services. Consumer View is the starting point in understanding the target Chinese Consumer for our clients.


  • Video of focus group discovery session.
  • Profile of target consumers sampled.
  • WeChat group with target consumers.
  • Video of one-on-one interview with each individual.
  • Translated report with analysis of key findings.


Our Big Data protocol collects valuable insights from a sample source of 2,000,000 online Chinese consumers which is then segmented across Tier’s 1, 2 & 3 cities with access to Tiers 4 & 5 if needed. The sampling frame was developed in 2013 in conjunction with the National Bureau of Statistics.


  • Survey questions consultation.
  • Customized demographic choice of survey takers.
  • Analysis and processed report of data gathered.
  • Profile list of survey takers.



A comprehensive and efficient market report highlighting major figures of a specific industry within China. Market share, market demand, market supply, industry trends, growth outlook, substitutes, ease of doing business… these are just some of the insights included in our report. Includes: Market Share, Market Demand, Market Supply (if applicable), Industry TrenD, Industry Growth Outlook, SWOT Diagram and Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis.