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40+ locations in China, and a Global Network of over 50 offices.

Go-to-market services using the best talent, technology and  solutions.

A comprehensive map of services from brand marketing strategy to brand marketing execution designed to propel foreign brands into the Chinese market successfully. We also cover Chinese(.cn) website hosting, ICP licensing and trademark registration (a must!). Whether you want the full package, or the frameworks to then do it yourself is up to you! Brand Asia is one of the largest China Marketing & Branding Agency in China with 40 offices in China

Brandasia was founded by multinational individuals whom have been branding foreign products, and doing business in China for well over a decade each. Since our founding, we’ve helped a handful of internationally known brands including celebrities succeed in China.

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For over 30 years, China was dubbed the “Factory of the World”. While exports remain strong, China’s economy is progressively shifting towards consumption. China is home to 731 million internet users (2017), 475 million of whom actively shop online.

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Our Services


Understand your Chinese target consumers

Market Report

An express market report. Fast and simple.

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Brings target Chinese consumers together to gather deep insights. An understanding of sentiments, engagement, current trends and opinions toward products and services.


Collects valuable data from a sample of 2,000,000 online Chinese consumers which is segmented across Tier’s 1, 2 & 3 cities with access to Tiers 4 & 5 if needed.


Speak with your Chinese target consumers

We Chat

The most popular social media app in China.


A mix between Facebook and Twitter and the most important and effective social media source for brands in China. We provide official account setup and social media management.


China’s Google and Wikipedia. We can manage your Baidu account and run your Baidu ads (PPC) and SEM.


Sell online to your Chinese target consumers


WeChat also has its own online market.


Small is the largest B2C e-commerce platform by sales revenue. JD mall is the second largest B2C commerce platform. Together they make up over 80% of China’s online B2C volume.


Over 80% of Chinese online shoppers use Taobao.

The Largest Distribution Network in China

  • Over 1000 online & offline shops
  • Pick & Pack and logistics
  • Cross border Sales
  • No Legal presence in China Needed


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