WECHAT marketing in China

WeChat make your products share to the 400 million users in China. Over the last few years, we have achieved great success in helping clients gain massive exposure through WeChat. WeChat draws in a huge number of fans and rapidly enhances our clients’ brand visibility in Chinese market. We help brands can keep their customers informed about new tailor-made offers and targeted message through WeChat channel in a breeze.

what is Wechat marketing

WeChat is one of the fastest growing mobile app in China with currently over 500 million users. The marketing opportunities brought by WeChat are immense! It will have great potential for brands to seek business growth in China.

WeChat enables users to send instant text and audio messages while also having social media sharing features such as a newsfeed (Facebook & Instagram), a focus on short messages (Twitter), video calling (Skype), location-based services (Foursquare), and a payment system.

WeChat is the new king of Chinese social media. Many marketers consider WeChat as a unique tool to engage the fans and customers of their brands. The unmatched social platform and tremendous marketing opportunities of WeChat are highly pursued. More companies are now developing distinctive profile on WeChat to enhance brand exposure.

WeChat is now the primary source used by Chinese consumers to follow and interact with their favorite brands, how can brands get on WeChat? Contact us and get your WeChat official account. Time is change, don’t miss this new opportunity.

WECHAT MARKETING – Promotion Tools:

WeChat Moment Ads

Will appear at the 4th of users moment, since check all the moments through WeChat became a integral part of daily life in China. This also make Moment Ads can’t be missed by target audience.

WeChat Activities

Holding online activities are popular now, it’s inexpensive but spread fast and easy to target. If some audience share activities link to their friends, that will be even better. Chinese people especially trust the things shared by friends.

WeChat Exposure

Will appear at bottom of some articles, sometimes even at middle. Short but only show in similar article posted by competitors and the user who have interest in such area which selected by WeChat itself.

Effective Follower Increase

Online celebrities are followed by millions of audience, find some of them which attract similar audience, then use their influence to bring one brand or company to the targets can bring more effective followers quicker .

WeChat marketing services

WeChat Account Setup
  • Account Setup
  • Account Verification
  • Menu / Welcome Message / Keywords Autoreply
WeChat Minisite Setup
  • Create a Full Page with Strong Visual Impact WeChat Minisite to Align with Your Corporate Visual Identity
  • Website Localization That Suits Chinese Audiences’ Tastes and Preferences
WeChat eCommerce
  • Start Selling to Millions of Chinese Customers
  • Well Displayed Products and Easy Check Out Functionality with China Mobile Payment Gateway
WeChat Creative Content Writing and Broadcasting
  • The Ad One Team Research and Write Creative Articles and Stories Cater to Chinese Target Audiences’ Tastes and Preferences
WeChat KOL Broadcasting Service
  • Reach Targeted Audiences with Key Opinion Leaders with Large User Base

Marketing & Branding

Olivia is experienced in bringing Brands to China and setting up their social media and marketing plans


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